Other Home Areas

In the entrance foyer, general lighting is needed to welcome guests and assure safe passage. This can be furnished by a handsome ceiling fixture that emits a generous spread of light. If more light is needed, consider placing matching wall sconces on either side of a foyer mirror.

Hallways should be illuminated every 8 to 10 feet for safety. You can accomplish this with ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, recessed, or track lighting. Movable track fixtures will give you the general lighting you need for safety, while allowing you to accent any artwork or family photos.

Stairs should be lighted from top to bottom to prevent accidents, with switches at both ends for convenience. If hall and foyer fixtures do not illuminate the entire stairway, you can install a chain-hung or close-to-ceiling fixture above the top step.

Utility/laundry areas need plenty of well-diffused general lighting for sorting and spotting laundry, measuring detergent, and setting dials. A large ceiling fixture with energy-efficient fluorescent tubes should do the job (see light sources). Warm white tones will provide the best all-around color rendition.