Home Office

When lighting a home office, you will want to create a comfortable environment that is free of harsh contrasts and distracting glare. You will need task lighting for reading, writing, and computer work, and general lighting for the surrounding area. You may also want to include accent lighting for prized possessions.

Two large ceiling fixtures, containing energy-efficient fluorescent tubes, will provide plenty of well-diffused general lighting, while eliminating shadows on the desk. Place the fixtures over head and to the right and left of the desk so the light comes over the shoulder. Lighting placed in front of a desk will cause troublesome reflections.

Home Office Credenzas can be illuminated with slim undercabinet fixtures containing energy-efficient fluorescents. Mount as close to the front of the cabinet as possible to avoid glare reflecting off the work surface.

Pictures, mementos, professional certificates, or an attractive plant can be highlighted with track lighting.

An adjustable table lamp will provide additional light to the desk and keyboard areas. Position the lamp so it is not reflected in the computer screen.