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Twenty years ago this month, we opened the doors of Lighting Concepts. That’s 20 years of advising our community on home lighting!

Let’s take a look back….1994 was the year we saw the downfalls of OJ Simpson and Tonya Harding, and witnessed the civil war in Rwanda. The world rejoiced for South Africa when Nelson Mandela was elected president. Water-cooler conversations flourished over the marriage of Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson. And we all fell in love with Forrest Gump.

On a personal level, my husband and his family were working 20 hour days getting the store ready for the January opening, while I was home with a newborn and a three-year-old with chickenpox. Good times.

What about changes in lighting? After over a hundred years living with the same invention of the incandescent light bulb, we are moving on to new technologies. Change is never easy, and this one is particularly complicated. We are here to help….and we found a great explanation on the American Lighting Association’s web site as well.

Notable style changes we have seen in recent years:

• the move from traditional dining room chandeliers to a variety of styles, most recently the drum light;
• the increase in cabinet lighting, thanks to advances in LED strip lighting; in-cabinet lighting


media room




• the need for dimmers and controls to make living spaces with lots of media more comfortable;

hubbardton forge

• the realization that light fixtures are home accents, as seen in pendants, lamps, and specialty accent lighting; and,
• the emphasis of outdoor spaces with lighting that accents the home’s exterior and special garden spots, as well as provides an outdoor living space.

landscape steps




In our store, we are blessed that our family is all still around, and we are doubly blessed that our original store manager, Ron Dumais, is still with us. His longevity brings an immense depth of lighting experience, enjoyed by both our customers and our “newer” staff members.

We plan to celebrate our anniversary with a special open house day on Saturday, January 25. Like us on Facebook, and join our mailing list to be sure you get your invitation.

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