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If you’ve got a covered back porch on your home, you know how wonderful it is to sit and enjoy the outdoors. But you also know how awful it can be to be on that same back porch on a muggy, hot, and humid afternoon. You don’t have to give up your back porch entirely. This can easily be solved with an outdoor ceiling fan from Lighting Concepts.

Before you start shopping, take a little time to think about the style, model, and price of the outdoor ceiling fan that will best suit your needs. Make sure you’re purchasing a fan that’s specifically for outdoor use. If you put an indoor fan outside, you’ll find that you’ll be replacing it in a short amount of time. Outdoor ceiling fans are made to be stronger, and they can handle variations in temperature. So take a little time to shop through our selection of outdoor ceiling fans.

You also need to think about how wet your porch might get. There are different grades for outdoor ceiling fans. Some are rated and marked suitable for “damp” locations, while others are suitable for “wet” locations. Obviously, a damp location won’t get quite as moist as a wet one. If your porch only experiences minor condensation, then you can go with a damp-suitable fan. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Take the time to shop around before you select your outdoor ceiling fan from Lighting Concepts.

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