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Much to the relief of many, it would seem as though Spring is almost here. Although, we have been seeing reports of a possible Nor’Easter for April Fool’s Day, maybe we shouldn’t hold our breath just yet. It certainly has been an intense winter.

But even if it is not in the near future, Spring will soon arrive. Once it does, we will be spending more time outside getting our yards and home looking their best. This also includes starting to use your outdoor landscape lighting.

But before you turn on your outdoor landscape lighting for the first time this year, make sure you take a few seconds to do some maintenance. Walk around your whole lighting system and remove any winter debris. Check to make sure that there are no broken fixtures or bulbs. Make sure all of the wiring is safely contained and not damaged. Once you’ve doubled checked everything, then turn on your system for the first time this year.

By taking a few extra minutes to look over your outdoor landscape lighting, you will be able to spot any repairs you will need to make, and you may prevent any type of electrical short that may be the result of damaged wiring or fixtures.

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