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At Lighting Concepts, we pride ourselves in bringing you the highest quality light fixtures on the market. And we also like to keep things classic. But we couldn’t help but laugh when we came across this site all about Ten Weird Chandeliers. We’re going to give you a quick rundown of our favorites.

The Gummi Bear Chandelier is made entirely of gummi bears. That’s right. Gummi bears. It has a few beads and metal that gets threaded through the bears. It’s interesting because there’s always the danger of the chandelier getting too hot… the gummi bears have to be coated with a special treatment so that they don’t melt.

We also really love the Gramophone Chandelier. The inspiration for the Grammy Award, the gramophone horn is the speaker device that was used on old record players. They’re actually really neat. They have a nice old-world flavor to them. But you really have to be a nut for nostalgic collectibles, that’s for sure!

And our personal piece de resistance is the Umbrella Chandelier. This wacky light fixture uses umbrellas with a silver plated light bulb. It actually provides a really neat lighting effect since the light has to diffuse through the colored umbrella.

Just remember… Lighting Concepts is here for you when you’re looking for a chandelier that’s a little more on the “classic” side.

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