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The trends in lighting tend to reflect the trends of the furniture world as a whole. Many of the new trends in lighting are affected by the amount of younger consumers, smaller homes, and the quest for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The main trend in lighting these days can be summed up in one word: “clean.” We here at Lighting Concepts have gathered up a few main points to get you thinking about the trends when you start lighting up your home.

  • Arc lamps are becoming the most popular kind of floor lamp. This is largely due to the popularity of sectional sofas.
  • Proportions are changing, too. Taller shades and squat vases are becoming the prevalent look in table lamps. The popularity of platform beds has resulted in table lamps with smaller bases and tall shades. (See… form follows function!)
  • Like we said, “clean” is the main term here. The aforementioned emphasis on shades also means that you’re going to pay more attention to them. Shades are becoming more complex— almost architectural. The overall theme here should be uncluttered despite embellishments.
  • It’s important to go green! It’s easier to make energy conscious lighting choices than ever before. Try looking for fixtures that are equipped to use fluorescent bulbs rather than incandescent ones.

Whatever you need to light up your home, you’ll be able to find it here at Lighting Concepts. And we’re always up on the trends!

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