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You probably know that there are three different lighting effects in your home.  There’s ambient lighting which provides the overall lighting—this is provided mostly by the use of table lamps, wall lights, and down lights.  Then there’s task lighting, which is lighting for a specific purpose.  You can find task lighting over kitchen worktops, reading areas, for lighting stairs, etc.  Then you have accent lighting—this kind of lighting adds interest and glamour to a living space.

Up lights and Down lights
These are the main tools you need to get your lighting plan right the first time.  Down lights are recessed partially or fully into the ceiling.  Up lights can be set into the floor, free standing lamps, or set into the wall.

What to avoid this year
Don’t think about an area as just a space.  Think about the kind of things you do there, and light it accordingly.  If you have an open plan, it’s a good idea to create walls of light and not to just uniformly have a row of lights because they fit symmetrically into the room.  You’re trying to create a living space—not an office.

With the right planning, and some lighting fixtures from Lighting Concepts, you can create a wonderful living space!

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