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When we think about lighting, we generally think about what it takes to light our homes and businesses. But what about the bigger picture? In a recent article from, we found out that the world’s urban population is poised to reach four billion in the next ten years.People that live in urban areas rely on electric lights more than people in larger, less congested areas. So what’s the concern? Will we be able to light the world up for all of these people in the next ten years? This is more than just a matter of generating light, too. With all of that electricity, we run the risk of using too much energy. With our already fragile planet, this is a concern.We need to use the right lights and lighting fixtures.

That’s why cities are making the switch to LED lighting. According to the article, by using LED lighting, municipalities will be able to achieve their targets for lowering energy consumption and CO2 emissions, saving as much as 40% of the energy used in older lighting technologies. Significantly longer lifetimes for LED luminaires and lamps can also considerably lower the cost of operation, benefiting the municipality and the taxpayer alike.”

Here at Lighting Concepts, we’re hoping for a brighter future!

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