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The kitchen can be the center of family activity, so it’s quite probably your home’s busiest room.  Lighting for this room can depend on the size and complexity of the space.  The kitchen can be used for dining or a gathering place for family and friends, though it is primarily a work area.  Small kitchens might require only a central ceiling lighting fixture and some task lighting.  More elaborate kitchens will need a blend a general, task, and accent lighting.

Lighting the Center of the Ceiling: A Few Tips
General lighting can be achieved with a decorative chandelier or recessed lighting.  Recessed lighting is one of the most convenient options—once it’s installed, that is.  Chandeliers can be used in addition to other lighting in the space.  You’ll know what’s right for your kitchen

Lighting Over the Range or Sink
You can use track lighting in this area of the kitchen. You also have the option to use recessed lighting in these areas, too.  Again, you’ll know what looks and feels best in your own kitchen.

When you are looking to get the lighting right in your kitchen, look no further than Lighting Concepts.  We have everything you need to make your kitchen the place that everyone wants to be.

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