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Now that it seems like we have finally gotten away from snow for the year, we are faced with rain. Lots and lots of rain. An extraordinary amount of rain depending on what part of the country you live in. As spring turns to summer, we’re also going to start seeing sudden thunderstorms that occur due to the high temperatures and humidity in the air.

If you were considering purchasing any type of lighting fixture, such a table lamp, we wanted to give you a friendly reminder: Be careful if you keep it by a window during the rainy season.

On days where there is heavy rain, or a lot of wind accompanying the rain, there is a chance the water can seep through window frames. You would hate to see your nice lamp suffer water or electrical damage.

The same is true if you like to leave your window open to get a nice cool breeze on a warm day. If a sudden storm pops up, the driving wind could push water through your window screen, again threatening your lighting fixture.

Therefore, just use caution when you decide to place your lighting fixtures throughout your house. Also be mindful of potential weather forecasts and keep your windows closed if there is a chance of rain in the future.

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