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Who says that bathrooms have to be boring? When you’re decorating your home, it’s easy to forget about the bathroom. But Lighting Concepts has some awesome bathroom fixtures that can help you turn that space into something really special. From our quality Bath Accessories to bathroom light fixtures like the Aspen Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathbar, we have everything you need to make your bathroom look brand new. Here are some tips for lighting up your bathroom.

  • The mirror is one of the most important things in the bathroom. So you want to make sure that there is enough bright lighting around the mirror and vanity. Put lights above the mirror or on either side of it. That will certainly be bright enough! After all, you want to make sure you can see what you’re doing when you floss.
  • Try lighting up the shower. Use a recessed light with a glass lens to keep things bright in there.
  • What about light bulbs? Well, you should probably go with something like a white halogen bulb. That will ensure that your skin tone looks right in the mirror. You could also try a fluorescent bulb— bright and energy efficient!

No matter what you need to do with your bathroom, Lighting Concepts has the solution for you.

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