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How much do you know about the bulbs that you put into your quality lighting fixtures from Lighting Concepts?  Now is the time to test your knowledge!

  1. Who invented the first commercially successful light bulb?
  2. What type of air is inside an incandescent light bulb?
  3. The filament inside a modern incandescent light bulb is made from what type of metal?
  4. LEDs are small light sources used in electronic devices. What does LED stand for?
  5. True or False: The yellow light bulbs on some porches work to repel bugs.
  6. What percentage of energy in a 100 Watt incandescent light bulb is converted to visible light?


  1. Joseph Swan invented the first commercially successful light bulb. He actually patented the idea in Britain a full year before Edison received his US patent.
  2. To prevent the filament from burning out too quickly, the bulb is filled with an inert gas.
  3. The filament is made from Tungsten.
  4. LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode.”
  5. False! Insects can’t see the color yellow, so bugs are neither attracted to nor repelled by yellow light bulbs.
  6. 2.6% of energy is converted into visible light. Most of the energy actually gets converted to heat.
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