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Here at Lighting Concepts, we have the sconces you need to make your home look absolutely beautiful.  A sconce is a nice light fixture that attaches right to the wall.  We have many different shapes and sizes of sconces in our store.  Take the time to browse through and find the one that’s right for you.  Interestingly, sconces existed prior to electrical lighting—they just held candles instead.

What does it do?
Sconces provide lighting in your home.  (That was pretty obvious, though.)  They often coordinate with chandeliers or other light fixtures in the room.  Sconces are ideal for ambient lighting or illuminating artwork on the wall.

How does the ALA define it?
The American Lighting Association says that if it provides light and hangs on a wall, it’s considered a sconce.  Many of the sconces here are available in gorgeous designs that can be considered artwork in and of themselves

Some features of a sconce

A sconce is right for you if you’re looking for some ambient lighting, as we said before.  If you’re looking to get enough direct light to use for reading or writing, you’re out of luck.  (Unless, of course, the sconce has a swing arm.)  Sconces are ideal for illuminating hallways and the walls of dining rooms and living rooms.

Design tip
When you’re using a series of sconces in a row, be sure to wire them so that they all operate with the same switch.  This will just make your life easier.

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