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Big things happened in the TV world this week. Decorating guru Nate Berkus is getting his own daytime talk show. Are we excited? You bet we are. Nate is full of so many fun and creative ideas, and we can’t wait to try some of them out for ourselves. We’re sure you’ll feel the same way. Why does Lighting Concepts love Nate? Because he doesn’t act snobby about decorating, that’s why. He said, “Everyone needs to t urn their spaces and their lives into something that works for them.”

We like that.

Odds are that The Nate Berkus Show is airing on your local TV. It got picked up by 177 local stations… and that covers 96% of the country. We’re excited to hear what he’s got to say about different ways to add light fixtures to your home.

We admire that Nate is a self-taught design expert. He worked at an auction house before he founded his own Chicago design firm when he was 24. (What were you doing when you were 24?)

Our favorite Nate Berkus tip so far? Nate says that he’s a “take-away guy.” What does that mean? Well, he doesn’t want to tell you exactly what to do with your home. He wants to give you information that you can then take away and use however you want to make something that is distinctly YOU.

You can do just that with any of the great products here at Lighting Concepts, too. Let your creativity fly!

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