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Easter will be coming up later this month. Since we here at LightingConcepts.com are constantly thinking about lighting, we are always nothing new trends in the way that people light their homes. Normally these types of trends refer to traditional types of lighting such as outdoor landscape lighting. But since we are getting close to Easter, we have been noticing something interesting when it comes to lighting: Easter Christmas Tree Lights!

As we’ve been driving around at night, it is becoming more and more common that families are decorating their homes for Easter with the same type of outdoor lights you see at Christmas. Of course, the colors are actually different: The dark and deep colors you see around Christmas time have been replaced with lighter and more pastel hues.

We also have noticed similar lighting decorations for other holidays as well: Purple and orange lights for Halloween, pink and red lights for Valentines Day, and green lights for St. Patrick’s Day. We are excited to see that Christmas tree lights are now being utilized throughout the year and not only during one time of year.

Seeing fun and exciting lighting designs and trends, even from a holiday decoration standpoint, is something we love to talk about here at LightingConcepts.com. Do any of you use lights for other holidays throughout the year? Let us know in the comments section.

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