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If you’re having company for the holiday season, you should think of a few ways to decorate the table to create a fun atmosphere for everyone involved.  Holiday decorating goes beyond the Christmas tree—and nobody knows that more than we do here at Lighting Concepts!  We have a few tips to help you make the most beautiful holiday centerpieces.

Holiday Decorations
Holiday decorations make beautiful centerpieces for the Christmas season. You could also place a single Christmas ornament on top of a pedestal. You can have several pedestals of varying heights to add some visual interest. Look for battery operated Christmas lights to add some fun ambiance.
To add some more fun to the décor, get colored light bulbs to put in some of your everyday table lamps or ceiling lights!

Winter Foliage
Flowers are usually the standby for centerpieces—but what do you do in the wintertime? You can replicate the look of bare trees by using tall, curly willow branches as a centerpiece. The height will add a great dramatic effect. Use evergreen boughs at the base to add color and some fragrance.

Do you have any other fun holiday decorating ideas?

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