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Dear Lighting Concepts,

I have a small apartment in the city, and I’m not sure how to decorate it.  What are the rules?  Should I get smaller furniture for a small room?  How do I make my little apartment look bigger?  I love all of the lighting solutions that you have in your store, but I need to get the apartment set up first.  Help me!


Dear Sherilyn,

We feel your pain!  We have a lot of people com into Lighting Concepts with design questions.  And first of all, you need to forget about any rules you might have heard!  There are some decorating tricks that will help create the illusion of space, you need to first determine what you like.  The key to decorating a small space is to avoid overcrowding it.  (So don’t get one of our big chandeliers!  Go with some classic pendant lighting, for example.)

Choose some pieces that have versatility in function.  For instance, find cocktail tables with storage, have ottomans to double as extra seating, and select accent chairs that swivel so that they can have more than one orientation in the room.  Paint the walls in light, neutral tones.  Add tall mirrors and bookshelves to draw the eye up over the entire space.

Steer clear of clutter!  That will only make your place feel smaller.

We hope this helps!

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