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If your life is as busy as ours, your Saturdays are the only time you have to shop. It’s time to make your list and check it twice.

If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts, we’ve compiled some recommendations here for you.

Dan Engelhardt, our director of sales fulfillment, kicks off the ideas. “Shorter days in the winter months mean we are getting up and heading to work in the dark…and coming home in the dark,” he says. “With Lutron lighting controls, a couple simple upgrades of switches or dimmers can give you wireless control from a visor control in your car. No more dark driveways or dark house to come home to!”


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One of our salespeople, Lori, suggests Solar Shades to complete the lighting control of your natural light. “They can block out light in areas with glare from the sun or get a weave that blocks the glare, but maintains the view thought the shade,” explains Lori. “To top this you can combine the two as we have done here in this picture with the ultimate natural lighting controls from Lutron. Perfect for any room that doubles as a home theater!”


Solar Shade

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Andrea, the youngest (most hip?!) member of our sales staff, knows she will miss days spent by the ocean in the long winter months. She recommends the Dale Tiffany Coral Wave Favrille Accent Lamp. “It’s a gorgeous piece, and reminiscent of warm summer days spent by the ocean,” says Andrea.

Dale Tiffany

Available in the showroom – click the photo to see more options from Dale Tiffany!




If you are like my husband and me, we like to buy things for our home as gifts to each other. Dan’s second suggestion has the added benefit of energy savings throughout the winter. “Lutron honeycomb shades are pleated, trapping heat, and have “R” value keeping heat in the house when they are lowered,” explains Dan. “This keeps the warm heat in your house away from the cold glass windows. Lutron also can control the automated shades when paired with a Lutron astronomical time clock to automatically raise and lower shades for optimal energy savings.”

Control your energy use from your Ipad! Click the photo for more information.




I hope this gets you thinking beyond gift cards, scarves, and ties! Look back in October for more ideas!

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