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Are you looking for a way to add a bit of warmth to some of the rooms in your home? Why not try a new copper lighting fixture from Lighting Concepts. Copper is back for 2015 and this happy metal truly can warm up any room. Copper has typically been popular for outdoor lighting but it can add a new twist when used inside the home. The light plays through different fixtures and the soft glow of the metal adds a cozy feeling to any room. Unlike silver or even brass fixtures copper has a warmth that is timeless. Copper fixtures look great in more modern or contemporary homes as well as in a more rustic or traditional setting. Copper has been used in home design for hundreds of years. The use of copper dates back to Viking times and this irresistible metal is still just as prevalent in modern design. Maybe something from this Quoizel collection in your dining or living area could add a modern flash of copper to your home.

Use this copper to add a touch of patriotism to your colonial home. Or try copper to add some warmth to your contemporary kitchen – like this fun lit pot rack.

copper 2

This is not a metal that will go out of style in a few years: you can be sure the addition of copper in your home is one that will last and keep your room lit with warmth for years to come. One of these copper and mica table lamps from Meyda Tiffany could be just want your home office needs You may be nervous to purchase a new copper fixture for fear that it is difficult to maintain it’s sheen. Yes, copper does corrode and change over time; however there are easy ways to care for your copper. One article ( by Jennifer S. Li suggests the simple application of ketchup and kosher salt with a hemp cloth to buff up and polish copper fixtures. There are also many products available at home goods stores you may use to care for copper products. If you are looking to add a bit of cozy and traditional flair to your home try copper! We know you will love its warm glow in any room. Come check out our many options at our Sabbatus St location or online at see some ideas on how to incorporate copper into your home on our pinterest page at

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