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Our lighting design specialists can help you determine a comprehensive lighting control plan for your home or business. We have the resources to help you convert your home to Smart Home technology!

Lighting control systems are proven to extend lamp life in your existing lighting fixtures. Use the sensors to automatically turn-off lights when people leave the room. Set automatic schedules for lighting, shading, vampire loads, and temperature – these have been designed to reduce electricity use while you are away, sleeping, or during peak (and high-cost) energy hours.

Our professionally trained lighting consultants can provide the following services:

  • Review suggested lighting and/or lighting control layouts/improvements
  • Provide product suggestions
  • Recommend Smart Home/Automated Controls/Wi-Fi Thermostats
  • Design and provide automated and manual Shading Solutions
  • Facilitate installation of lighting, lighting controls and shading

Our consult services are offered FREE in store; see an associate to discuss on-site visits and more extensive lighting design and CAD.