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Did you get another high electric bill this month and wonder what you could do to help make it go down? The answer to a lower bill is switching your home over to energy efficient lighting. At Lighting Concepts in Lewiston, Maine we would be glad to help you make the change and answer any questions you have about energy efficient lighting! Making the switch is an important move towards a healthier happier planet, lower energy costs for you, and in the next few years the light bulbs you are used to are going to change.

Starting in 2007 George W. Bush passed the Energy Independence Security Act. This means that light bulbs are going to have run at a lower wattage to increase the nations energy efficiency. Instead of Watts the most important measurement in buying a light bulb will be the lumens. Lumens will measure the amount of light the bulb gives off. This means a bulb with a lower wattage could actually have a higher lumens and vice versa. Light bulbs will now be marked similar to a nutrition label. It will list how energy efficient the bulb is, the wattage, energy star rating, as well as the lumens. When you buy a new light bulb consider the lumens and not just the wattage. With new and improved CFL and LED lighting solutions energy efficient lighting is easier than ever!

CFL stands for compact fluorescent light and is the most well known in the energy efficient lighting movement. CFLs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It used to be that they were a starker white than incandescent lights with the warm yellow glow you are used to. Now, however, you can get a similar glow from a CFL and some can even be used with dimmers. Do not be alarmed that the CLF bulbs are more expensive than incancesdents because they actually will live up to 10X longer! The one thing to be aware of with CFLs that they do contain very small amounts of mercury. If broken it can be slightly hazardous so just follow the cleanup instructions on the box.

LEDs are another great choice to light your home efficiently. LED stands for light emitting diode. They are very tiny lights but when they are clustered they can light a whole room! LEDs are great for recess lighting, track lighting, decorative lighting, lighting a painting or photograph, outdoor lighting etc. Basically any place or room you want to make more energy efficient LEDs can help you do that. They, like CFLs, have a much longer life than incandescent bulbs. Another positive in switching to energy efficient LEDs is that they contain no mercury and are safer to have around children. They are also able to suffer more bumping about than other types of light bulbs. LEDs are certainly the future of energy efficient lighting.

There are so many benefits to making your changing to an energy efficient lighting plan in your home including:

  • Reduced Energy bills
  • Longer lasting bulbs
  • most newer versions can be used with energy efficient dimmers you already have
  • prevent air and water pollution caused by power plants — For example switching one incandescent bulb over to energy efficient lights can keep half a ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Come into our show room and see for yourself how energy efficient lights really are the lights of the future. Any of our ALA trained sales representatives will be glad to help you design the energy efficient lighting plan you want and need. Or if you just have a couple questions shoot us an email at or call us at 888-753-8620.

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