Celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month in your Backyard

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There’s no need to travel in order to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month. You can celebrate at home, right in your own backyard. Set up the lawn furniture, fire up the grill, and switch on the outdoor lights because these backyard activities will keep you busy outside well into the evening.

Having a water balloon war is a great game for kids or adults to play during a hot July night. The rules are exactly like the rules of dodge ball, but played with water balloons instead of balls. If the game doesn’t last as long as expected, fill up more balloons and play again!

Play a traditional game of hide-n-seek, but add tag into the game, making it Hide-N-Seek Tag. Just like hide-n-seek, whoever is “It” must find the players who are hiding, but they also have to tag them before the hiders reach home base. Before beginning the game everyone should decide on a spot in the backyard that qualifies as home base.

Instead of playing games you can get creative with some wood and nails, and create a fort for your children and their friends to play in. Not that good with carpentry? You can use cardboard boxes too! Get the kids involved and let your imaginations lead the way.

Design paper airplanes with crayons and fly them in the backyard. If you have a second floor deck, let the airplanes loose and see whose airplane makes it further. If you have a driveway an old fashioned game of hop scotch is always fun to play.

Some backyard activities for adults include sports like kickball, volleyball, softball, football and any other sports you enjoy. You can also sit at a table and play a card or board game.

Whatever you do this July to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month, LightingConcepts.com hopes you have fun, and enjoy the outdoors!

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