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You’ll find all of the best lighting brands here at Lighting Concepts.  Before you get shopping, it might be a good idea to learn a little bit about some of the brands we carry here.  Today, we’re going to be spotlighting the beautiful Murray Feiss line.  This is a great brand that can be both classic and contemporary.  Whatever you’re looking for, Murray Feiss is sure to fit the bill.

Over fifty years ago, Murray Feiss (the man, not the company) began making porcelain figurine lamps.  They were special because his mother actually sewed the lampshades by hand.  That’s a great way to start a business!  We admire the real and honest craftsmanship behind these products.  From those humble beginnings, you can see the great interior and exterior lamps and lighting that we have here at Lighting Concepts today.  Each product remains true to those beginnings—every step is important.  There’s nothing standard about these gorgeous pieces.

No matter what your style is, you’ll be able to find the Murray Feiss product to match.  Everything is of the highest quality, and their beauty and style is really second to none. We’re sure you’ll love Murray Feiss just as much as we do here at Lighting Concepts.

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