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Torchiere lights can also be referred to as “torch lamps.” (The word itself is actually derived from the French word for “torch.”) We’ve got a great selection here at Lighting Concepts, we’ve got torchieres from many of your favorite brands. Take the time to browse through our selection and find the torchiere that’s perfect for your décor!

Torchieres originally consisted of multiple decorative candles. When they were introduced to the French in the late 17th century, however, they only had one mounted candle. (Of course, our torchieres use light bulbs!)

Torchiere lights can be used to illuminate just about any space. Whether you’re looking to light a home, restaurant, spa, or other relaxing space, a torchiere can do the trick. These lights are a great addition to central overhead lighting. You’ll notice a wonderful play of lights and shades when the two lighting fixtures are used in tandem.

Living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms are common areas where you need a fair amount of lighting. Torchieres are ideal for these spaces since they concentrate light upwards—and they’re quite tall. Light is deflected and spread across a large amount of the ceiling.

We’ve got a wide range of styles—from modern to classic.

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