DUAL PURPOSE: Fixtures don’t have to be just eye candy

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You don’t have to give up functionality to have appealing design. For example, the right fixture can provide the light you need, as well as shape the design of your room. Completing your design is the way you mix the various shapes and forms of all your furnishings. Additionally, the light cast from each light fixture creates its own shape and form.

This makes choosing the right light fixtures even more critical to your design, because the fixture itself, as well as the light cast from it, combine to create your interior design. While there are many shapes and forms of fixtures from which to choose, one of the most popular is the chandelier.

Some chandeliers are designed with downlights to provide task lighting for homework, table games or to accent table settings. Others are available with fabric or glass shades, which reduce glare and provide an artistic element. Adding a dimmer is like adding another design element that you can change to suit the mood or activity in the room.Visit our on-line showroom to see the wide variety of chandeliers available – start a shopping cart with your favorites! We would be happy to help you in person or over the phone with any questions you might have.

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